Restoring an Inactive Payment Method in QuickBooks Desktop

Commerce Sync transfers your payment information associated to the sale. In order for Commerce Sync to transfer your sales and payment information successfully, your Payment Methods in your QuickBooks account need to be active.

If your Payment Methods are inactive, follow these instructions to activate them again. (These instructions are for the desktop version of QuickBooks.)

  1. Go to Payment Methods (Lists > Customer & Vendor Profile Lists > Payment Method List) 
  2. Check the "Include Inactive" at the bottom of the screen.                    
  3. You will then see your inactive Payment Methods appear in the list. 
  4. Double-click the Payment Method that was inactive. Within the payment screen you will need to un-check "Method is Inactive" and then click OK. 
  5. Run Intuit's Sync Manager from the company file that you are in.
  6. Open your Commerce Sync Dashboard
  7. Click Fix under Transfer Errors
  8. At the bottom of the screen click Save and Retry.
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