My sales haven't transferred, how do I fix it?

Transfer errors occur when there Commerce Sync tries to transfer sales information into your QuickBooks or Xero account, but something isn't matching up. 

Are your sales not syncing? How to see and fix transfer errors:

  • Go to the Commerce Sync Dashboard from your Point of Sale account through your PC.
  • If you have QuickBooks online or Xero, launch the app from your, Clover, Square or Stripe Account.
  • If there are transfer errors, you'll see a red X like below:


Fixing and retrying your transfers:

  1. Click the orange Fix button. 
    • QuickBooks Online: Commerce Sync will attempt to tell you what the error issue so you can resolve it in QuickBooks. If you see an issue, please resolve that in QuickBooks Online. Then click Retry All. (If you have uncategorized errors, just click Retry All to attempt to fix.)
    • QuickBooks Desktop: Before clicking the FIX, go through your settings, making sure the settings are correctly selected. You should not see "Choose one..." in any of the drop-down boxes shown. Click Save at the bottom of the screen. You are now ready to click the FIX button in the Transfer box.
    • Xero: Step through your settings, making sure that all of the settings are correctly selected. You should not see "Choose one..." in any of the drop-down boxes shown. Click Save and Retry at the bottom of the screen to attempt to clear the transfer error.
  2. If you have QuickBooks Desktop, often times QuickBooks gets stalled with processes that cause issues with Commerce Sync transfers. Reboot your computer, leave QuickBooks shut down and then Manually Sync Commerce Sync for Desktop after you Fix and Retry.

If the issue is resolved, your sales activity will transfer through and you will no longer have any errors in your dashboard.

Common Reasons for Errors:

    • The most common reason for a transfer error is a communication problem with QuickBooks or Xero. Commerce Sync tried to transfer the sales activity, but there wasn't a response on the other side. If this is the case, the Fix and Retry steps above will transfer the sales activity right away.
    • Your QuickBooks Online or Xero account is expired, please open your accounting solution and review your account settings to see if your account is turned on.
    • You have taxes disabled in your Accounting Solution, but you have them turned on in Commerce Sync. Review Enable taxes in QB to fix this issue.
    • The tax rate name in your point of sale is different than the tax rate name in QuickBooks or Xero. Rename the tax rate in your accounting solution to resolve this.
    • You have multiple tax rates and are transferring to QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Online does not support multiple tax rates. Review this article on Multiple Tax Rates.
    • With QuickBooks Desktop, you have deposits in error and you are trying to go through the above steps to sync. If you have the QuickBooks "Payments to Deposit" window open, close this so our app can create the deposit.
    • You've Deleted Accounts or Items in your Accounting System. Your Commerce Sync setup possibly no longer contains the default Account, Items, Customer, etc. that we created upon activation. Please recreate these accounts and items or select a different item/account combination in your settings.

If you are not able to resolve these errors yourself (thanks for the effort!) please reach out to the Support Team by emailing us at There are other less common issues that we can help you work through.

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