Moving Your Company File to a New Computer

Occasionally you'll need to move your QuickBooks company file to a new computer. When you do this, you'll also need to move the Commerce Sync for Desktop app.

Here are the steps you'll need to take:

  1. Open the Commerce Sync for Desktop app from the "old" computer that you are moving away from
  2. Double-click on your point of sale merchant ID and click Disconnect. Confirm with a Yes when asking if you want to Disconnect.
    • Doing this will not stop Commerce Sync from pulling your sales from your Point of Sale system, the sales will queue up waiting to be downloaded until you connect on your new computer.
  3. Uninstall the Commerce Sync for Desktop app from the old computer. This is an important step, please do not skip this as it could result in sales going to both the new computer and old.
  4. Log into your Point of Sale (ie. or, open the Commerce Sync app from within your Point of Sale
  5. Click Manage
  6. On the next screen click Disconnect and confirm
  7. You will then click on the QuickBooks Desktop option to download the Commerce Sync for Desktop application on your new computer
  8. You will need to log into your point of sale account again at this point.
  9. Double check that you have QuickBooks open with the correct company file and click Continue
  10. Click on Visit my Dashboard (sorry if you have to log in again!) At this point the Commerce Sync for Desktop app is going to familiarize to your company file again. You'll see in the Commerce Sync for Desktop app that the green arrows are spinning.
  11. Once it's finished processing, open up the Commerce Sync Dashboard from your point of sale, click on View under Settings and double check that your setting are correct, as the settings will be reverted to the defaults.
  12. After you've saved your settings, manually hit the Sync Now button on the Commerce Sync for Desktop app. This will transfer your sales into your new QuickBooks company file. If there were any Transfer Errors, go through the quick steps in our Transfer Error article.

If you have more than one location, for the next locations follow the steps here Adding Multiple Locations.


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