Sales by Category - Requirements, Restrictions, and How to Fix Errors

There are a few things to look out for in your point of sale, when using the Sales by Category/label feature with Commerce Sync. Some things cause errors on the transfer and require fixes to the category/label in your point of sale. 

Here are some things to be aware of when creating and/or adjusting your items, categories and/or labels in your Point of Sale system:

  • Limited to 31 characters or less
  • Categories/Labels cannot end in a space (Ex. "Beverages ")
  • Categories/Labels cannot start with a space (Ex. " Beverages")
  • Apostrophe's copied in from Microsoft Word may cause errors (delete them in your point of sale item/category list and retype them in)
  • Single colon's are not allowed (Ex. Food:Hot Plates)
  • Double colon's are not allowed (Ex. Food::Hot Plates)
  • Emoji are not supported
  • Unicode characters are not supported
  • There may be other special characters that cause issues when transferring into your accounting solution, so be weary when adding those in to the item/category name


Submit a request with our Support Team for any errors that you believe may be caused by the Sales by Category/Label feature. 

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