How The Invoice appears in QuickBooks Desktop for Square

Commerce Sync creates an invoice showing you a summary of your total sales information for the previous day of sales.

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Commerce Sync creates and uses items and accounts in QuickBooks to create the invoice for you. You can then report on these items and accounts in QuickBooks to get more value and insight from your daily transfers. You'll see a line on the invoice for each of the following that you have in your sales:

  • Sales - taxable and non-taxable sales are displayed on separate lines.
  • Sales by Category - if you have this feature turned on, taxable and non-taxable sales by category are displayed on separate lines.
  • Tips - the total amount of tips is displayed on a separate line. The Square Tips account Commerce Sync uses in QuickBooks is an Other Current Liability account type.
  • Discounts - taxable and non-taxable discounts are displayed on separate lines.
  • Gift cards - both the sale and redemption of Gifts Cards are tracked here. The Square Gift Card account Commerce Sync uses in QuickBooks is an Other Current Liability account type. 
  • Tax Offset - if needed, Commerce Sync will create an account for offset amounts. This is usually a penny ($0.01) amount due to tax rounding differences.

Sales tax - calculated from your taxable sales in Square will appear at the bottom of the invoice and associated to a Sales Tax item in your Sales Tax Payable account.

Refunds - are transferred separately as a credit memo that is closed out appropriately. 

We find the easiest way to find the invoice information is to click on Customers at the top of your QuickBooks screen, then Customer Center, then you will select the customer you have set in your Commerce Sync Settings (the default is Square Customer). On the Transaction tab, you can take a closer look at the invoice by double clicking on the invoice.

Now that you understand how the invoice appears, your next step is to click on the images below for information about your payment and deposit activity. 



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