Payments Already Deposited - Deposit is in Error

The error causing the deposits to not transfer is from QuickBooks. It says "The given record number is not in the Payments to Deposit list." What this means is that one or more payments that QuickBooks need to create the deposit, is not in the "Payments to Deposit" list (is not un-reconcilled in Undeposited funds). If the payments aren't there for Commerce Sync to reconcile from Undeposited Funds, the deposit will go into error and not transfer.


We see this issue happen often, 90% of the time a credit card payment that Commerce Sync transferred has been accidentally deposited by someone there or the payment was deposited unknowingly during the Reconciliation process.


You'll want to locate the payments in QuickBooks, that are in the deposit that isn't transferring. Determine the deposit that the payments are in and either 1) remove the payments from that deposit or 2) delete the deposit completely. This will set the payments to un-reconciled and allow the deposit to create.


After you've corrected the payments, please follow the steps in this article for My Sales Haven't Transferred - How do I fix this?


If you've manually created the deposits, this is fine. Please make sure you have the fees deducted correctly and email letting us know the date and deposit amount of what you've deposited and we'll clear that error from your dashboard.


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