Sales by Category - Fixing Uncategorized Sales

If you are using the "Sales By Category" or "Sales by Revenue Class" feature, you may find Uncategorized Sales has shown up as a new Item and Income Account in QuickBooks or Xero.

Any item in your Point of Sale (POS) that is considered un-categorized will be mapped to an account called Uncategorized Sales. An item from your Point of Sale is considered uncategorized if it:

  • Is assigned to more than one Category
  • Does not have a Category or Revenue Class

There are TWO steps to fix this in your Accounting Solution and in your POS:

Update the sales category in your Accounting Solution

  1. In QuickBooks or Xero, open the Invoice that Commerce Sync created.
  2. For each uncategorized item, note what the Rate/Amount is and the item from your Point of Sale is, since when you update it, the amount may go to zero and it will need to be changed back to the correct amount. Also, note if the item is taxed or not. If you did not note the amount, close the editing of the Invoice and start over again.
  3. Click on the Item that is "Uncategorized Sales" and select the correct Category from your item list.
  4. Save the changes to the Invoice
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Update the item in your Point of Sale so it doesn't transfer as uncategorized again. 

  1. Log into your Point of Sale
  2. Open your Inventory tab or Item Library
  3. Locate the item that was Uncategorized and;
    1. Assign the appropriate Category or Revenue Class to it.
    2. Or remove the extra Categories so there is only one.
  4. Save your changes.

Updated 4/27/2022

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