Does Commerce Sync support multiple tax rates?

Commerce Sync does support multiple tax rates for Square and Clover in a variety of ways. (However, we cannot transfer tax information for Stripe or Authorize.Net.)

Combined Tax Rates

Commerce Sync does support combined tax rates for Clover and Square.

A combined rate is one that is setup distinctly for the City/Local and State tax rate components. If this is your scenario, all of your taxable items in Clover or Square should have all of the same tax rates applied.

Multiple Tax Rates

Commerce Sync does support multiple tax rates when using a Desktop version of QuickBooks or Xero (we cannot support QuickBooks Online, see below.)

Multiple tax rates are used for different types of services and products in your area. If this is your scenario, you may have a tax rate on food and a separate tax rate on alcohol. 


QuickBooks Online has limitations in this regards to multiple tax rates.

This limitation is due to the way Intuit handles multiple tax rates, basically they don't allow more than one tax rates on one invoice.

You have several options to work-around this:

  • If you have a true combined rate, make sure that the rates you have in Square or Clover have a combined or group rate set up to match it in QuickBooks. Please also make any other tax rates in QuickBooks that equal the total amount of your combined rate inactive.
  • For multiple tax rates that aren't combined, you can turn the "Transfer Tax" option off in your Commerce Sync web dashboard (access through apps are in Clover or Square). This would allow the sales, payments, deposit( Square only) information to transfer successfully. The sales tax is included in the total sales amount. Then you can add the taxes/deduct from sales as a journal entry by pulling the tax information from Square.
  • You could switch to Xero, another online accounting solution or to QuickBooks Desktop that allow more than one tax rates on one invoice.
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