Clearing Accounts and How Payment Information Is Transferred

In your accounting solution, a clearing account holds payments that are to be transferred to another account for reconciling.


  • The default clearing account for each tender type Commerce Sync uses is Undeposited Funds. This is a unique account from which you may make bank deposits from within QuickBooks.


  • Commerce Sync creates a generic Clearing Account to use as the default setting for each tender type. For example, you will see "Clover Clearing" or "Stripe Clearing" upon installing Commerce Sync.

For Square and Stripe

  • In order for Commerce Sync to create deposits, the Credit Card Clearing Account is not editable.

To change the Clearing Accounts in Commerce Sync, open the Commerce Sync Dashboard and click View under Settings. This is where you can select the Clearing Accounts that you have in your accounting solution.

Once you save the settings, your payment information, starting with the next day, will transfer to the Clearing Accounts that have been selected.

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