How does Commerce Sync transfer discounts?

There are two types of discounts Commerce Sync transfers, item discounts and order discounts (also known as basket discounts). 

With the default settings, Commerce Sync transfers the discount information associated to the "Square/Clover Discounts Given" item that is in the "Square/Clover Discounts Given" Income account. 

Here is an example of how this would work for a hair salon:

Your customer David comes in to get a haircut and buy some products. For this transactions, you only gave David a discount on the products. Another customer named Roz comes in, she gets a haircut and her hair colored. Roz received a discount on her entire order.

Your account has the Sales by Category feature turned on. On the invoice that Commerce Sync transfers you'll see:

  • The line item for sales for Haircuts
  • The line item for the Product
  • Then you'll see a line item for "Square/Clover Discounts Given" under Product, representing David's discount on his products
  • Then you'll see another line item for "Square/Clover Discounts Given", representing the discount Roz received on the entire order.

For merchants not using the Sales by Category feature you would see the two discount line items under your "Square/Clover Sales Item".

You can adjust this mapping in your Settings if you like (just make sure that the item you select is in the account you select, on the accounting side of things.) To edit the item and account mapping for discounts open up the Commerce Sync web dashboard and click View under Settings. Here is information on How to Access Your Commerce Sync Dashboard.

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