Commerce Sync for Desktop Update - Please "Allow Access" in the App Integration with QuickBooks

The Commerce Sync for Desktop application was updated this month. This update will allow our engineers to make consistent ongoing updates and improvements to the application.

This update happened automatically on November 29th, 2021. Below are the steps to prompt QuickBooks to allow access to Commerce Sync again via the certificate: 

  1. Reboot the computer or server that your QuickBooks company file and Commerce Sync are installed on.
  2. Log in as the Admin and in Single User Mode to QuickBooks and open the company file that our app is connected to.
  3. Open the Commerce Sync for Desktop app and click Sync Now.
  4. You will be promoted in QuickBooks to "Allow Access" the application to be certified to QuickBooks, please follow the prompt and "Allow Access" by saying yes on the certificate page.
  • For merchants with multiple company files, you will need to open each company file separately, click Sync Now for that account and "Allow Access" to the certificate page for each company file.
  • For merchants with multiple point of sale and payment systems, use steps 1 - 4 above, you will only need to accept the certificate once.

Once you've "Allowed Access" the certificate in QuickBooks Desktop, you are good to go. Please use the Chat/Help button at the bottom of the screen to chat with our team or open a ticket if you need assistance by contacting us at

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