Duplicate Document Number Error / Change Invoice Number

The sales transfer will go into error if an invoice/document number is already used in QuickBooks Online. See steps below to fix this in QuickBooks and your Commerce Sync Dashboard.

If you use QuickBooks for your own invoicing along with the daily invoices that Commerce Sync sends over, you may experience an issue where the invoice number changes from the sequence that you had before. This will not only affect the invoices that you send but may also prevent Commerce Sync from creating the invoice for the ensuing day's sales. 

Another reason you could be experiencing this is if you have you have multiple locations going into the same QuickBooks account. If these options don't work for you, please reach out directly to our Support Team.

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    1. Log into QuickBooks and go to the Sales tab and then Invoices.
    2. Find the most recent invoice number in your sequence by sorting by date and using the number column (No.) to see what was last used.
    3. Once you have the needed invoice number, you can edit it by clicking on the Invoice no. field

    If you have a few days in error due to using Commerce Sync's invoice number sequence by mistake, you can edit your invoices to match your sequence. Then you will be able to use the fix and retry button to get the missing invoices from Commerce Sync to import since their invoice number is no longer being used in QuickBooks. 

    1. Open the Commerce Sync Dashboard from your POS website
    2. Click the red Fix button 
    3. Click the Retry All
  1. Log into the QuickBooks account connected to Commerce Sync
  2. Click on the Settings gear icon in the top-right corner of the home screen.
  3. Then under Your Company you will see Account and settings
  4. On the left you will see the Sales tab you'll find the Custom Transaction Numbers setting, please click the edit button so you are able to turn off the Custom Transaction Numbers feature
  5. Save your settings
  6. Open the Commerce Sync Dashboard from your POS website
  7. Click the red Fix button 
  8. Click the Retry All


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