How to Resolve Captcha Issues

Sometimes during the installation process, we have merchants that are unable to get past the Captcha screen due to not being able to see everything. If that happens just try the different steps below to resolve it. 

  1. Drag the installation window as far up as it will go by clicking in the top-right corner where it says Commerce Sync for Desktop
  2. Move the taskbar to be on the side of the monitor
    To do this, just right-click on your taskbar and either unlock it and move it or click Taskbar Settingsmceclip2.png
    If you select Taskbar settings, just scroll down until you see this and change this to not be the Bottom
  3. Check your display settings/screen orientation
    To do this, just search your computer for Display Settings and open that result up and check the following:
    • Scale and Layout should be set to 100%
    • Display resolution should be set to the recommended setting for your monitor
    • Change the screen orientation from Landscape to Portrait

  4. If that doesn't resolve the issue, try using the Tab button.
    • Answer the captcha and then use the "Tab" button on your keyboard, so that it highlights one of the boxes and then tab until the very last box is selected as the example below:
    • Then hit tab 4 more times and hit enter
    • Repeat these steps with the next images

One of these steps should help you get around this issue. It is common to have between 3-9 cycles of images to go through but you may have more added if you get one incorrect.

Updated 6/21/21

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