Multiple QBO Customers found with same Email

This error occurs when there is more than one customer or vendor existing in QuickBooks Online with the same email address. When Commerce Sync is attempting to create the invoice, it's directing QuickBooks to use the unique email address of your customer. At this point QuickBooks is saying "There is more than one unique email address in the QuickBooks company" and the invoice is going into error.

Our suggested steps:

We suggest that you export your QuickBooks customer and vendor lists into Excel to review them. You can sort them by email address and/or use the Conditional Formatting feature in Excel to search for duplicate email addresses.

  1. Export Customers QuickBooks Online
    1. Open up your QuickBooks Online dashboard
    2. On the left-hand side, click 'Sales' then 'Customers'
    3. Once your Customer list is pulled up, click the 'Export' option on the right-hand side of the page 
    4. This will download as a Microsoft Excel file. Open that file up in Excel.


  2. Highlight Duplicate Emails in Excel
    1. Select column 'I', which should be the column with the Customer emails in it.
    2. Up in the top toolbar, select 'Conditional Formatting' --> 'Highlighted Cells Rules' --> 'Duplicate Values'​
    3. This will highlight your duplicate email addresses in red.
    4. Click on Row 1 --> Sort & Filter --> Filter
    5. Now you should see little dropdown icons pop up in each column. Click on that icon in column 'I', the email column, and filter by the color red.
    6. From here, you'll compare this list to your list of Customers in QuickBooks Online.


  3. Update QuickBooks Customer Emails
    1. In QuickBooks go to Sales --> Customers
    2. Using the highlighted cells in Excel, search the name in your QuickBooks Online Customer list
    3. Then either merge the two customers in QuickBooks with duplicate emails or edit one of the email addresses.
      • If you are going to merge the two customers, you'll simply rename one, to be the exact Display name as the other. QuickBooks will give you a message asking you if you want to merge.
      • Some users will edit second customer email from to
      • If you have a second email address for this other Customer, feel free to use that for one of the duplicates.


  4. Clear the Errors in your Commerce Sync Dashboard - Transfer your sales
    1. Head back to your Commerce Sync dashboard, click 'Fix' ​and then 'Retry All'
    2. You're Done!​

After you've removed the duplications, please follow the steps in this article for My Sales Haven't Transferred - How do I fix this?

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