Remove Commerce Sync from an Authorize.Net Account

To cancel you must disconnect the Commerce Sync app from your account. 

What we need you to do on your end is:

  1. Log in to and click on Settings
  2. Under the Security Settings section, click on Authorized Applications
  3. Then you will click the Revoke Permissions button for Commerce Sync and confirm

If you are connected with QuickBooks Desktop, you should remove the Commerce Sync for Desktop app from your computer at this time.

When you remove the app during your free trial, you will not be charged a subscription fee. If you uninstall the app after the trial, subscriptions fees are applied.

Companies that have multiple locations in and wish to uninstall only some of the locations need to reach out to the Commerce Sync Support Team. Please email with the name of the location(s) that you with to remove.

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