Checking out your company file to your accountant

Occasionally you'll need to check out or move your QuickBooks company file.

This is totally fine, you'll just need pause the Commerce Sync transfers while the company file is checked out or while you are moving it. You'll then want to make sure you connect to the correct company file when it's saved on your computer. Here are the steps you'll need to take.

  1. In the Commerce Sync for Desktop app on your computer, suspend your sync.

    Commerce Sync will continue check in with your point of sale for information and queuing up your transfers to QuickBooks. With your Commerce Sync for Desktop app suspended, nothing will download to the company file.
  2. Save the company file where you'd like to on your computer.
  3. Open the Commerce Sync for Desktop app and click on your point of sale merchant ID to Disconnect it from the old company file location. 
    Say Yes when asking if you want to Disconnect.
  4. You will need to log into your point of sale account again at this point.
    1. For Square: If you have multiple locations in your Square account, you will disconnect and reconnect Commerce Sync to each company file separately. Select the location that you are connecting now. 
    2. For Clover: Make sure you are in the correct location and select the Commerce Sync app on your Home Page at this point.
    3. Double check that you have QuickBooks open with the correct company file and click Continue
    4. Click on Visit my Dashboard (sorry if you have to log in again!) At this point the Commerce Sync for Desktop app is going to familiarize to your company file again. You'll see in the Commerce Sync for Desktop app that the green arrows are spinning.
    5. Once it's finished processing, open up the Commerce Sync Dashboard from your point of sale, click on View under Settings and double check that your setting are correct.
    6. After you've saved your settings, manually hit the Sync Now button on the Commerce Sync for Desktop app. This will transfer your sales into your new QuickBooks company file. If there were any Transfer Errors, click the Fix button in your Commerce Sync Dashboard, check your settings and then Save and Retry. You'll need to hit the Sync Now button again.


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