Sync for QuickBooks Replacement Features

Sync for QuickBooks, available through the Authorize.Net Merchant Interface, will be going away soon. 

Commerce Sync is working with Authorize.Net to move existing users to our Sync for QuickBooks replacement. Here is a summary of differences between the old and new versions:

  • Summary by Batch: instead of transferring everything individually, by default our system will enter sales into QuickBooks on a per-settled Authorize.Net batch basis. An example is provided below.
    • Each transaction appears on its own line by transaction id, with the batch id provided in the memo field.
    • Credit card and eCheck batches are entered separately as appropriate.
    • The process occurs automatically overnight at 3am local to your address for any batches settled the previous day.
    • Individual transfer remains an option should you prefer this way.
  • Refunds: these will now also be transferred upon settlement, as individual Refund Receipt entries. This applies to both linked and unlinked refunds, as well as those for credit cards and eChecks.
  • Customer Detail: instead of batch summary, you may elect to transfer every Authorize.Net transaction that has a customer associated individually with that detail into QuickBooks. This is the customer on the transactions, not the name from credit cards.
  • Customer Experience: you will have access to our dedicated team, which will streamline troubleshooting, reprocessing and anything related to the overall experience.

Coming soon, we will also feature support QuickBooks Desktop and Xero alongside QuickBooks Online.

Here is an example of the transfer, click on the image to view a larger version of it.

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