Sales Tax Setting for QuickBooks

Commerce Sync can transfer sales tax for Square and Clover.  (However, we cannot transfer tax information for Stripe or Authorize.Net.)

There are several factors that will allow Commerce Sync to seamlessly transfer your sales tax information from your point of sale to QuickBooks:

  • The main factor is that sales tax is present in your point of sale or payment solution. 
  • Having sales tax accurately applied to your sales items in Clover and Square is key in getting the information to transfer correctly.
  • In QuickBooks, you'll want to make sure that your Sales Tax feature is turned on. See this article on Setting Up Sales Tax for help.
  • Clearly naming your sales tax in Square and Clover to match up with the associated rate in QuickBooks. If you have a 8.31% rate called "Denver Sales Tax" in Clover, you would want to have a 8.31% rate called "Denver Sales Tax" in QuickBooks.
  • Knowing the capabilities of your QuickBooks version. For example, QuickBooks Online will not allow more than one tax rate on an invoice. Commerce Sync would not be able to transfer a daily summary of your sales if you have multiple tax rates and use QuickBooks Online. For more information, please see this article on Multiple Tax Rates.

Here is the setting in the Commerce Sync Dashboard:


Make sure this option is checked if you'd like to have your sales tax transferring into QuickBooks.

If you see a drop-down option under the for Transfer Sales Tax, please note that these are not the options for what tax rate Commerce Sync will use. These are the options for what Tax Offset account Commerce Sync will use. Occasionally we'll see the tax calculations between a Point of Sales and QuickBooks a few pennies off. This is where these pennies will land in QuickBooks.



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