Sales Setting for QuickBooks

When Commerce Sync is transferring your sales information, there are two options for how sales are added to the invoice that is created:

Single Income Account

If your sales are transferring to a single income account, you can select which income account and an item that Commerce Sync will transfer sales to. The item is what is added to the invoice to track your sales along with the total amount of sales for the day. The item is the more important selection here. When updating these settings, please make sure that in QuickBooks, the item selected is actually associated with the income account you select.

Here is the setting in the Commerce Sync Dashboard for the single income account option:

Separate Income Accounts per Sales Category*

For merchants using Clover and Square, Commerce Sync can transfer your sales broken down by categories that you have in your point of sale. The accounts and items used are based on the exact name of the category, Commerce Sync automatically creates or uses matching accounts in QuickBooks. You cannot select or map to items and income accounts with the sales transferring by category.

Please review our Sales by Category articles for more information on how this is transferred. Please do not turn off the Sales by Category feature without reaching out to We want to make sure it is turned off correctly for you.

Here is the setting in the Commerce Sync Dashboard for Sales by Category:


*Commerce Sync transfers category information on the invoice for merchants using Square and Clover only.

The accounts, items, and customers in your Commerce Sync settings are populated by the information Commerce Sync receives from QuickBooks. Commerce Sync will create place-holder items and accounts to use when you install and connect to QuickBooks.

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