Reconnecting to Commerce Sync on a new PC

If you've moved to a new PC, you will need to reinstall the Commerce Sync application from the Commerce Sync dashboard. Prior to installing on the new PC, make sure the Commerce Sync for desktop application is uninstalled on the previous PC, as it cannot be connected to more than one PC at a time.

Open the dashboard by launching the app from your point of sale (view the app in the market, then select Launch).

Once on the dashboard, follow these steps:

  1. Select Manage
  2. Disconnect (you will be prompted if you'd like to continue, select yes/OK)
  3. Select the QuickBooks Desktop activation option

The activation flow will begin after the desktop app is downloaded on that PC. Refer to the following article (Clover specific) for steps on activation: Clover to QuickBooks Desktop Install Guide

If any sales were pending transfer,  they will go into an error status upon reactivation. Go through the settings (as they will be reverted to the default mapping), then run a fix and retry on the dashboard for any transfers in error. If you don't see accounts/items displayed, please wait a few minutes and then refresh the dashboard, as the settings may take a bit to load.

Once the settings are selected, and any error'd transfers are now showing as "pending/in process", Run the "sync now" option on the desktop client, and that should sync over any pending sales.

If you run into any errors/issues during the reactivation process, please open a ticket with our support team. 


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