Installation Errors with QuickBooks Desktop (Error 70, etc.)

There are a couple of common reasons that the Commerce Sync for Desktop installation window hits an error.

Here are our preliminary steps to troubleshoot these:
  • We recommend that you reboot (turn off and then back on) the computer that you are installing on, prior to installing.
  • You'll need to be logged into the computer that has QuickBooks and can access the company file, for the installation.
  • The preferred browsers we'd like you to install with are Chrome or Firefox.
  • The QuickBooks company file you wish to sync transfers to needs to be open during installation.
  • You need to be signed in as the Admin and in Single-user mode in QuickBooks for the install to work properly.
  • Occasionally an anti-virus and/or malware systems block the installation of our app. Disabling these only for the duration of the installation can help.
  • We often see that if you right-click to "Run as Administrator" both QuickBooks and the Commerce Sync app, you'll see fewer issues during installation.

Error Code: 70
Reason for error: Activation step timed out during connection

The installation window has timed out. After so many minutes of attempting to connect to QuickBooks, this error shows up. Please step through the list above and try installing it again.

Error Code: 116
Reason for error: Unable to connect to Commerce Sync servers

This error often shows up when the company file is on a different computer/server from the one you are installing on or when there is a connection problem between the computer you are installing on and our servers. If for some reason your installation will not update, please follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall the application in your computers Remove Programs
  2. Log into the Commerce Sync dashboard, click Manage and then Disconnect
  3. Step through the installation on the computer/server, where the company file is located. 

Error Code: 227
Reason for error: Problem connecting to QuickBooks

Occasionally QuickBooks can open too many versions of itself or just not have the ability to allow a 3rd party connection. If you see this error please step through the bulleted list above and try installing it again.

Error Code: 109
Reason for error: Denied authorization from the Point of Sale or Payment System

Close the Commerce Sync installation window. Re-open the installation window and start the steps again.

Error Code: 145
Reason for error: Certificate Security Issue

 If you see this error please step through the bulleted list above and try installing it again.
If you continue to see errors please email for assistance.
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