Installation Errors with QuickBooks Desktop

If you run into a numbered error code in the course of connecting to QuickBooks Desktop via the Commerce Sync for Desktop application, please view the error code below for resolution.


Error Code: 70
Reason for error: Activation step timed out during connection
Steps to help resolve:

  • Close out the Commerce Sync for Desktop client, reopen and try again.
  • Make sure you are logged in to QuickBooks as the admin (required during activation).
  • Check to see if any windows are open in the background within QuickBooks (often hidden behind other windows, or may be blinking at the bottom of the QuickBooks window)
  • Restart your PC, begin activation process once more.

Error Code: 116
Reason for error: Installing on outdated version of app
Steps to help resolve:

  • Open the Commerce Sync app from your point of sale, select the Manage option, disconnect from QuickBooks. Reactivate using the QuickBooks Desktop option.
  • Check internet connectivity, possibly restart computer. If that doesn't work, please open a support ticket with the error code in the title or body of the ticket, and the steps you've already taken on your end for troubleshooting.
  • This error can be allusive, if you keep seeing it consistently please reach out to

Error Code: 227
Reason for error: Trouble connecting to QuickBooks
Steps to help resolve:

  • Restart QuickBooks and try again. If that doesn't work, restart computer and try again.

Error Code: 109
Reason for error: "Deny" selected or logout in Square Authorize screen
Steps to help resolve:

  • Close out the client and select Allow in the Square permissions dialogue.

Error Code: 145
Reason for error: Certificate Security Issue
Steps to help resolve:

  • Restart computer / QuickBooks, escalate a ticket with support if the issue is not resolved with the restart steps.
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