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Transfer errors occur when there is a failure to transfer sales information into your accounting solution. Your Commerce Sync Dashboard is where you should go to try to fix transfer errors.

To attempt to fix and clear the transfer errors:

  • Go to the Commerce Sync Dashboard from your Point of Sale or payment system. You may be prompted for your Point of Sale credentials first.
  • If there are transfer errors, the Dashboard display will show a red X and display the message, "You currently have the following transfer errors:"

  1. First thing to try - Click Fix and step through your settings, making sure that all of the settings are correctly selected. You should not see "Choose one..." in any of the drop-down boxes shown. Click Save and Retry at the bottom of the screen to attempt to clear the transfer error.

    This is the message that you will if you have successfully cleared your transfer errors:

  2. Common Reasons for Errors that require fixing prior to the Dashboard fix:
  • You have multiple effective tax rates in QuickBooks Online (QuickBooks Online does not support multiple tax rates)
  • You have taxes disabled in your Accounting Solution, but are transferring them via our app. (Enable taxes in QB to fix this issue)
  • You've Deleted Accounts or Items
    • Your Commerce Sync setup possibly no longer contains the default Clover Account, Clover Items, Clover Customer, etc. that we created upon activation. Please recreate these accounts and items and follow the steps below.

If you are not able to resolve these errors yourself (thanks for the effort!) please reach out to the Support Team by clicking on the Submit a Request button below.

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