Manually Transferring Sales Information that is Pending Synchronization into QuickBooks Desktop

If you need to manually sync sales information that is showing as "Synchronization Pending" on the Commerce Sync dashboard (not the red X for an error), here are the steps:

  1. Open your company file in your QuickBooks Desktop program.
  2. Click on the Commerce Sync for Desktop icon on your Computers Desktop or System Tray (bottom right ^ arrow near the Time/Date).  
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  3. Click "Sync Now", If you have more than one location going to the same QuickBooks file, you can press "Sync All".

The green arrows will spin, indicating that the Commerce Sync is communicating with QuickBooks and a sync is taking place. Once the sync is complete (the green arrows stop spinning and the Next column has a timestamp in it), check to see if the sales information was transferred in QuickBooks or if the box for Synchronization Pending is no longer present on your Commerce Sync dashboard. 

Common reasons why Commerce Sync for Desktop may not sync automatically:

  • The computer that has Commerce Sync installed on it hasn't been turned on recently. Commerce Sync will not sync if your computer is powered off.
  • The company file location has changed (if you hit F2 in QuickBooks, and the file location displayed doesn't match the location displayed on the Commerce Sync application window, you will need to disconnect/reconnect. Right-click the ID next to Square/Clover and select Disconnect, which will then start the activation process once more)
  • There is a different company file open in QuickBooks. The app will sync when:
    • When the correct company file Commerce Sync is transferring to is open.
    • When there are no company files open.
    • There are no company files open and QuickBooks is turned off.
  • There are multiple company files open at one time in QuickBooks. If you have multiple versions of QuickBooks and multiple company files open within these versions, Commerce Sync will not sync. 

    If you can not find the icon in the system tray or on your desktop, you can use the Windows search bar and type in "Commerce Sync for Desktop"

    Updated 2/2/2022
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