What does Commerce Sync do? (with video)

Commerce Sync saves you time by not having to manually enter in your general sales and tax information by:

  • Automatically transferring your taxable and non-taxable sales, sales tax, tips, and discounts into QuickBooks or Xero. *
  • Transferring your sales information for the previous day every morning. This transfer occurs early in the morning, again for the previous day of sales.
  • For more specific information pertaining to your Point of Sale and your accounting solution see: How Does My Sales Information Appear In My Accounting Solution?

Sales information is transferred as a unique invoice,  with a daily summary of the previous day of sales. Commerce Sync can also transfer your category information from your Point of Sale system on specific plans.

Payments tendered from your Point of Sale are transferred closing out or "paying" the invoice that we create for you every day.

* For our Stripe and Authorize.Net customers we transfer transaction information, this does not include taxes, tips, or discounts. For CloverUK users, VAT will be included in the sales amount.

Updated 4/29/2021

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