Expired QuickBooks Online Subscription

Your Commerce Sync connection requires an active QuickBooks account. If your QuickBooks Online subscription is expired, Commerce Sync cannot transfer your sales information from your point of sale or payment system.

When you log into your Commerce Sync Dashboard you will see a Transfer Error stating that you have an Expired QuickBooks Online Subscription. Fixing this is very easy!

  1. Update your QuickBooks Online subscription:
    • Log into your QuickBooks Online account
    • QuickBooks may prompt you to Subscribe again to QuickBooks Online
    • If it does not prompt you right away, you can click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner and then select Account and Settings
    • From there select Billing & Subscription from the options on the left
    • Enter the information they require and click the Subscribe button
  2. Retry your transfers from the Commerce Sync Dashboard:
    • Refresh the web page with the Commerce Sync dashboard or open it again from you point of sale/payment solution 
    • Click on the Fix button under Transfers
    • Click the Save and Retry button at the bottom of the screen

With your QuickBooks Online account successfully activated, your sales information will be able to transfer immediately into your QuickBooks Online account after the Fix and Retry.

If you need help finding your transferred sales information, we have this article that explains How Your Sales Information Appears in Your Accounting Solution.


Updated 5/10/21

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