Error for Commerce Sync Settings Update Required

This article refers to the Transfer Error - Commerce Sync Settings Update Required in your Commerce Sync Dashboard. If you are seeing this, basically you will need to update your settings.

  1. Open the Commerce Sync Dashboard from within your POS or Payment Solution. Or click on the Dashboard link from the Transfer Error area.
  2. Click the View button in the Settings section
  3. Here in your Settings section, review each settings, making sure each option has something selected.
  4. Click Save on your Settings screen
  5. Then you'll click the Fix under the Transfer Error section and Retry at the bottom of the screen.

Once you've updated your settings correctly and retried your sales, you will immediately see your sales information transfer into QuickBooks Online.

If you are still seeing the same error message, please check in your QuickBooks Online account that your Accounts and Items that you have selected are related to each other. If you have a Sales Item selected, it needs to be in that Sales Account in QuickBooks.

Please reach out to support by clicking Submit a Request below if you need any help.

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