How Your Transaction Information Appears In QuickBooks Online, for Stripe

Commerce Sync automates the transfer of Stripe payment information to your QuickBooks Online account every day. This is how it will look.

Your daily sales total will appear as:

  • A single line item showing the sales total.

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Note: Commerce Sync does not transfer inventory or other metadata into your QuickBooks Online account. We do support transferring Customer information.


Stripe Fees Explained:

Stripe's advertised fee is 2.9% and 30¢ per transaction. For example, if you charge $20, you’ll receive $19.12 after the Stripe fee is applied. More information regarding Stripe's fees can be found on the Stripe Pricing page.

To view a report detailing your Stripe fees, please pull the "Account Quickreport" from your QuickBooks Online account. This is an example of that report:

 demo demonstration

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