Why am I seeing duplicate payment information?

Commerce Sync transfers the payments and the sales information (double entry accounting) from your Point of Sale system.

If you are using the accounting solution's Online Banking or automatic deposit feature you will see your bank deposits as well as the Commerce Sync payment.

Some merchants confuse this, thinking that these are duplicate entries. These numbers will be similar, they are complimentary to each other. The bank transfers what was deposited into your bank, Commerce Sync transfers what was tendered as payments in your POS. You will reconcile or "match" these numbers in your accounting solution.

  • Within QuickBooks Online there is a Banking Transactions screen that will show a list of the transactions downloaded from the bank. Next to each transaction there will be a button that says "add" or "match" - clicking on "match" will bring up any payments that are not already matched to a banking transaction. The payments associated with your invoices created by Commerce Sync will be included in that list.

Intuit has a tutorial on this topic: How to match your bank deposits with payments

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