Restoring an Inactive Commerce Sync Accounts or Items in QuickBooks Desktop

If you have accidentally deactivated a QuickBooks Desktop Account or Item that Commerce Sync relies upon, such as Tax Offset, you can reactivate it by performing the following steps:

(Follow similar steps in your Chart of Accounts to restore an account)

1. In QuickBooks Desktop, go to Lists > Item List OR click Items and Services in Home. Your Item List appears.


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2. In the bottom navigation bar, select Include Inactive (if this is not already checked).

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3. Click the Item menu in the lower left-hand corner and select Make Item Active. Alternatively, you can open the inactive item and uncheck the Item is inactive.

After reactivating the Item(s), be sure to manually sync Commerce Sync for Desktop. This allows Commerce Sync to communicate with QuickBooks and have access to the newly reactivated Item(s)/Account(s).

Updated 4/29/2021

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