Commerce Sync for International Businesses

The manner in which Commerce Sync transfers sales information for non-US customers differs, depending on: location, Payment Solution, Accounting Software, the types of transfers, etc. To find out how Commerce Sync transfers the sales activity for you click the Submit a Request link below or email to reach out to our support team. They will answer questions specific to your set up.

Transferring Non-US Tax:

Commerce Sync currently transfers sales information with non-US, international sales tax, also known as Value Added Tax (VAT). Depending on the Payment Solution, the tax will be broken out or included in the sales total.

Transferring Non-US Currency:

Commerce Sync does support the transfer of non-US currencies on the invoice, payments and deposits*. However, Commerce Sync does not currently support multiple currencies present in the sales.


*Deposit transfers for Square and Stripe only

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