QuickBooks Online Invoice/Transaction Numbering

QuickBooks Online will automatically use the most recent transaction # in the creation of a new transaction. Commerce Sync will be creating an invoice, which is considered a "transaction" every morning, using the schema "Clover/Sqaure Sales Aug04".

Here is some information on this QuickBooks Online feature that may help explain further:

  • Commerce Sync does not have a feature currently that allows the invoices Commerce Sync creates to use your QuickBooks Online transaction #'s. (Reach out to support if you want this feature! We keep track of these types of requests.)
  • When you create another transaction in QuickBooks, you will need to edit the number to match back up with the numbering schema that you use. To do this you need to have the Custom Transaction Number feature turned on in your QuickBooks Online account.
  • Once this is turned you can edit the Transaction number. Here is where you edit this on an invoice:


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