Error when installing Square for QuickBooks Desktop- "Querying Locations"

There is a known issue caused by display settings on the PC we are connecting with being too high and incompatible with the application, causing it to freeze during the activation process or during the connection process there is no screen, it is just blank, where you have the option to sign into Square to start the connection process. . Usually it stops at the very beginning after you've signed into Square in the app.

The following steps will fix the freezing issue and allow you to connect multiple Square locations to QuickBooks Desktop:

  1. Right-click on your computer's Desktop in any space with no icons, select Display Settings
  2. If the Scale and Layout setting is set to anything higher than 100%, please adjust that to the 100% option. (You can change this back after you've installed Commerce Sync).
  3. Restart your PC after that selection is made. 

With that setting adjusted, you should now be able to install Commerce Sync for Desktop and finish the installation. Open the .exe file that was downloaded or step through the Installation Guide steps again if needed.

If you continue to see any issues during that activation, please reach out to our support team via the "Submit a request" option below.

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