Lightspeed Retail to QuickBooks Desktop Install Guide

Helpful items to check before installing:

  • We recommend that you reboot (turn off and then back on) the computer that you are installing on, prior to installing.
  • You'll need to be logged into the computer that has QuickBooks and can access the company file for the installation.
  • The preferred browsers we'd like you to install with are Chrome or Firefox.
  • The QuickBooks company file you wish to sync transfers to needs to be open during installation.
  • You need to be signed in as the Admin and in single user mode in QuickBooks for the install to work properly.
  • Occasionally an anti-virus and/or malware systems block the installation of our app. Disabling these only for the duration of the installation can help. 
  • We often see that if you right-click to "Run as Administrator" both QuickBooks and the Commerce Sync app, you'll see fewer issues during installation.

Installing Commerce Sync:


    1. Visit the Lightspeed Retail page and select signup now or click the Get Started button. 
    2. Sign-in to your Lightspeed Retail (X-Series) accountmceclip0.png


  2. Select the blue Connect button on the add-on approval windowmceclip1.png
  3. Download and run the Commerce Sync installer
  4. Once the installer has finished downloading, open it and click Run                                                                      
  5. After you select Run, you should see the Commerce Sync for Desktop Screen "Starting Up"
  6. You will need to log into your Lightspeed Retail account again at this point in the activation window
  7. Double check that you have QuickBooks open and the correct company file and click Continue
  8. In QuickBooks, you'll see a pop-up, check the box next to "Yes, always allow" then select “Continue.” Sometimes this screen is hidden behind other QuickBooks windows, if you don't see this screen minimize your other QuickBooks windows to find it. Note that when you are installing another location, this step is skipped
  9. Select "Done" on the second pop-up
  10. Select your settings for Commerce Sync: whether you would the sales transferring into a single customer, or transferred individually per customer from Lightspeed Retail, and whether you would like sales transferred into a Single Income Account or Sales by Category 
  11. Check the box to agree to the Terms of Service, then select the button Complete My Activation
  12. Select the View Dashboard button to be taken to the Commerce Sync dashboard for your Lightspeed Retail account
  13. At this time, we recommend opening the Commerce Sync for Desktop app up immediately and waiting for the sync to complete. The green arrows will stop spinning and the next sync timestamp will be showing
  14. Your activation is now complete

Congratulations on your first step into bookkeeping automation!

You'll see your first transfer take place tomorrow, if you've had any sales in Lightspeed Retail today. If you now need to get caught up on any past sales, you can submit a historical request here: Request Historical Sales

Going forward, each day Commerce Sync will transfer all of your sales information for the previous day to QuickBooks Desktop. This transfer will occur after midnight to ensure that all orders for the day are closed. 

Commerce Sync is now installed in your Lightspeed account and on your computer. To open the Commerce Sync app installed on your computer, open the shortcut from your desktop system tray.



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